Surveys and testing by Transport Technical Supervision (TTS)

– preparing of machines for registration and testing by TTS
– measurement of pipeline thickness and other required service for the TTS supervision
– technical specifications preparation
– formal and technical assistance

Current Machine Maintenance

Machine overview, Picking the spare parts, Lubrication points inspections, Maintenance, Adjustment of hydraulic and mechanical systems, Charging hydraulic accumulators, Filter replacement, Stopping hydraulic system leaks, Oils change, Electrical wiring survey, Inspecting boom and support condition.

Capital repair and interim overhaul of machines

Congeneric machine repair. We also carry out repairs of units (gears, gate valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, motors, control panels, etc.). Repairs are carried out at specialized repair Elektrohyd’s workshops or according to customer’s settles.

Warranty repairs

Full and congeneric warranty service for machines covered by contracts. After the period of warranty, at the customer’s request, we covered machines with further service support. In addition, the service employee gives information on the correct utilization and maintenance of machine.

Regeneration and replacement of subassemblies

Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic distributors, hydraulic motors and hydraulic booms

Interim interventions

Removing breakdowns summarily

At the customer’s request, we assemble lubrication central systems and radio control systems.

We also do washing, cleaning, sandblasting and painting machines.

Our company employs highly qualified employees who have been trained by manufacturers. We guarantee high quality and timely realizing services.